Thursday, July 3, 2008

"lessons in showing up" or "admitting you're wrong"

1. the ground below - sarah dougher
2. rain - peter sarstedt
3. wounded bird - graham nash
4. flying on the ground is wrong - buffalo springfield
5. tiger trap - beat happening
6. responsiblity - thanksgiving
7. i blame you - some velvet sidewalk
8. she's real - kicking giant
9. underground house - palisades
10. sometimes - zoo
11. love song for the dead che' - united states of america
12. you don't know - dennis driscol

1 comment:

JCrouse said...

so i made this playlist. i couldn't find the palisades song, nor the zoo song, and the love song for dead che i could only find the northern picture library's version.

basically, i enjoyed the mix, and it made me realize just how fantastic graham nash is. i did get to listen to the palisades song on their myspace though.

thanks for coming to chicago and not playing before okkervil river. you guys sounded great at schubas. i wish i could have said hello.