Sunday, June 15, 2008

"i did get the one thing i really wanted.. you."

..this came from the back seat, after feeling the frustration of day and withdrawal. i did my best to not let him see me cry. a look back in the rear view mirror and silence. his eyes looking out over the bridge we were crossing. "it's been three weeks since i last saw you. that's a long time. but now, you're here!" ..and then a request for water. "yes", i said, "but now i am here.." i could barely get the words out.

he requested that the music be turned up, as we got off the freeway exit and on the road leading us to his house. the car parked a few houses a away from his, i felt the grip on my pinkie finger as we walked hand in hand. we approached and i commented that the grass had been cut since this morning. he hadn't noticed. the front door opened and a loud "hello? momma?" greeted with a smile and a hug. "the little deserts are for us! you can have the chocolate ones ok?" a quick run down of the food he had for lunch and then dinner.. "fruit? yes, he had grapes." the exchange of quick facts and then quick goodbyes. "i will see you tuesday!" he shouted from the kitchen. i could hear his feet still hitting the floor from jumping around. "ok, i love you!"

leaving his house, i noticed the short distance from his front door to my car seemed to take forever. not until after sitting in the front seat did i realize, i was still holding his water bottle.

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OKC Herbivore said...

not to read another traveling musician too much into your vignette, but thanks for telling the story. and for NYC photographs of actual NYC.

oh and OKC/Norman loves you. and Jeremy Enigk. by you i mean the whole band. and Secretly Canadian. ahh.