Thursday, September 17, 2009

last days of the sun

it's been a great summer. i went to the beach a lot. experienced the hottest days in seattle's history. i went to spain twice. toured the east coast. moved to a new home. now that summer is over (which by the way, i am very happy about), it's the start of new beginnings for me. and what a way to start a new season. i will record a new album. tour europe. i look forward to it. monday morning i will head down to cottage grove oregon, where i will get to work with the brilliant and very talented richard swift. i have never been more excited about recording an album in my time of doing music, than right now. i'll be sure to update as things happen. for now, goodbye and take care everyone.


monica said...

hey i caught your last show in great!...i actually drove up from los angeles to catch it, felt bad i missed you when you played in LA a while back...but it was worth a good road trip for never having been to oregon....we stopped in cottage grove too, really nice place... look forward to the new record, have fun in europe!

Jaime said...

Hello Damien, this is jaime, we met outside berbati's in portland on the 16, i hope you remember i just wanted to say hi, it was great to see you, my trip is almost over, so far is the best trip i have ever taken, it will be hard to beat, the invitation to Oaxaca is still up, so whenever you feel like visiting oaxaca, i will be happy to show you around, I used to work as a Taxi driver so i know where you can find all the good stuff. any way, say Hola to Sara from me,

-nino said...

Hey man!
I hope to catch you in Orlando sometime. I know it's way down here in Florida but you have a following of diehards here, we would love to have you. I wrote a blog entry on your music yesterday at:
so please check it out if you get a chance.

Thomas said...

hey Damien i noticed you have a finished version of Zombies of the Sea on your Hoquiam myspace page... does this mean an album is coming out and where can anyone get it? :)

love your music and try to make it to see you live whenever you roll by.


Jetske said...

Hi Damien,

Next week I'll be seeing your show in Den Bosch. Yeah!! I'm really looking forward to it :) and secretly wondering if you'd play Sheets, Abilene and/or Trampoline. Those are my favorites.

See you next Tuesday!
Jetske, the Netherlands

Ben said...

Fantastic show at the Borderline in London tonight - thanks for playing Tether... beautiful. Travel safely.

Ola said...

i saw your show in oslo last year, it was really something. now I'm living in lisbon, but you're not coming here, so I'm trying to scrape together enough money for the trainride to the north of spain to see you there. you're songs are amazing. keep it up!

Jon said...

Hi Damien,

I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to open for you in Dublin. Watching you perform is a really inspiring experience. Beautiful songs. Best of luck with your travels on the rest of your tour.


Thomas said...

i have a band suggestion for you Damien to try to hook up with for a tour. the band is Noah and the Whale. i am listening to their album, The First Days of Spring, right now and thought this would be a great band to open up for you. when is the next time you will be coming through St. Louis? i love catching your live show :)

Richard said...

Hi, I just noticed you played a show with Buddy Wakefield recently.. I think you should possibly post about this!!

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