Friday, August 28, 2009

I am still here.

hello everyone. i know it's been so unbelievably long since i have posted here. it's safe to say that my commitment to blogging is pretty bad. tonight i am in a small town, just outside of baltimore, maryland, currently on a tour. tomorrow night will be my last show. it's been a lot of fun. it's been fun, but i am ready to be home.

i have been so busy touring and writing. at the end of september, i will be heading to cottage grove, oregon, to record my next record with richard swift. no title as of yet. what else? .. after my last u.s. tour, jamie went to live in denmark for a while. she is now back. i am hoping that we can do a show together soon.

what else.. hoquiam, just finished our first record for the st. ides label. no release date is set just yet.

i think that's it for now. i know this is such a short post.. but i am exhausted.
thank you thank you thank you for all the love and support. your comments and messages mean the world to me!

talk to you soon.


Mohd Jayzuan said...

Hello Damien,

You wrote brilliant lyrics and beautiful music.

Cheers from Malaysia!

arcticdreams said...

It's good to have you back Damien, it's been too long. That said I appreciate you have other important stuff to do like tour, record new material and live your life! Your wife's website is awesome too, I've been following it since she moved from Blogger.
Peace and love to you all xxxx.

Brandon said...

Can't wait to hear what's gonna come out of working with Richard Swift. Two of my favorite artists working together...what could be better?

cristianopunx said...

Hello, Damien, when you do a show in my country, Brazil.

Alexandre said...

Hi Damien,

it's nice to know that you're writing a lot. Because your lyrics are so powerful. I think you spend a lot of time writing it.

I hope you will one day come to Switzerland so I will see you live.

All the best,

Steve said...


I saw you in St. Louis, and you were just amazing, both on and off the stage. I was the guy in the wheelchair who came up and got a picture and chatted with you afterward about Alvarez guitars and Townes Van Zandt.

Just wanted to tell you again what an absolute pleasure it was meeting one of my favorite songwriters. Thanks again for all the amazing songs. I can't wait to hear what you come up with next.


Ashley said...

Show in Nashville on the 23rd was brilliant. I went to see Weiss Family, [being unfamiliar with your work]but your set was without a doubt the highlight of the evening. "The Killer" and "Medication" blew my mind.

And to think I thought about leaving after the opening band because I felt the venue and the younger high school scene in the crowd was making it rather difficult to enjoy the show.

Your set changed my mind, because without all of the copious instrumentation, dancing, and gratuitous band members--YOU made the impression, the emotion, the chill that evening with only a guitar and a microphone.