Friday, November 21, 2008

valencia, spain

home soon.


Maria said...

Jeez, can I comment on Damien Jurado's blog? I feel like I'm doing something illegal.

Anyway, I wondered if you could tell me which album I should get next. I have Rehearsals for Departure, Caught in the Trees, and And Now That I'm in Your Shadow.

...Shadow is definitely my favorite, so I'm wondering which, would you say, is most similar to it?

I am quite impressed with Caught in the Trees.

Hampus said...

On my way to absence
Where shall you take me

Probably close at hand. Caught in the trees is growing on to me, no doubt! An album where each song makes it's on journey for me everyday. Haven't felt that with an album in a long long time!!

//A fearful fly in the sky

i am leah, said...

congratulations on being wedded and tour and whatnot. when you come back the four of us should go to bamboo gardens again.
xo, leah

caught in the trees said...

maria, i would say "ghost of david". especially, if you like the more darker songs. it has a real eerie quality to the recording as well, which i think compliments the stories being told. besides "ghost of david" i would have to say, "where shall you take me". only because, it seems to a favorite with most fans.

thank you for listening and taking the time to leave a comment.


LEAH : it's on. bamboo garden. we should get your brother to come along as well. i'll call you!

i am leah, said...

oh, and one other thing. facial hair? you? never thought i'd see the day.

it looks great! kevin will be proud.