Tuesday, November 11, 2008

last name - smith

we are half way through our tour and have experienced some interesting times. losing my passport in the uk and having to visit the american embassy, taking my first speed train from london to paris, only to arrive late, without eric and jenna (who stayed in london, just to find that i would be opening for an ac/dc cover band.. what? only to have the night be saved by my dear friend ruthie, who was visiting from seattle. http://www.ruthiesuniform.com/ i finally met up with jesy (tiny vipers), eric, jenna and our driver mira, then, on to belgium for an amazing show at trix,.. our last stop in holland for a show at an old monastery. ..now we are in germany. last night we played our first sold out show on this tour in the city of leipzig. the show was a lot of fun.. afterwards jesy and i went to see a show in a squat located in an area known for it's anarchist community. performing in the basement of this "club" was juiceboxxx, a one man electro punk act from milwaukee. http://www.myspace.com/officialjuiceboxxx his performance was really incredible. afterwards, jesy bought two 12" singles and we got to chat with him for a bit about his upcoming travels to russia. after calling it a night, jesy and i went back to the place we were staying for a short sleep. in the morning, all of us walked around leipzig before heading off to berlin, where we are tonight. again, it was another great show and the audience was really nice. i met a man and woman who flew all the way from dublin ireland, just to see the show! ..there is a lot more to all of this, however, i'm not good at explaining it all in type. i look forward to finishing out the rest of our tour with stops in scandinavia and spain.. after that, it is home to my wife and son. the day dreaming will become a reality and rest will be had.. at least until the holidays.

more later, if i get the chance - damien 11/12/1972


Aidan said...

Loved the show in Berlin, and thanks for taking the time to meet and greet. Saw them "takin it to the streets" the next day as well - don't know what it was all about though. Made it back to Dublin safely. Check this out for a really cool festival in Kilkenny, Ireland every May http://www.kilkennyroots.com/
I meant to tell you about it the other night but I think drink got in the way. Keep up the good work. Aidan

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