Sunday, October 5, 2008

midwest and east coast

we started in chicago and ended in chicago. driving through the many toll roads (wow, really?) to show after show after show. we got to see a lot of familiar faces as well as new ones, i took photos of just about every cat i saw, we got to play on a lake opening for tortoise, we had a failed rendezvous with our friends fleet foxes between washington dc and philadelphia, we spent the night at many friends houses and hotels that we normally could never afford (thanks!)and we had the pleasure of touring with miles benjamin anthony robinson
( i mention that we finally made it back to the state of ohio after almost 7 years of not playing there? i told the audience that the new state song should be my song "ohio" and that the new state motto should be "see ya some time". i doubt this will ever catch on.

to everyone that came out, thank you! words cannot express how grateful the three of us are for your support.

a few weeks home and then we are off to europe with tiny vipers! -



IndieFaith said...

Wow I just came across your blog. I have been listening to you for over 10 years now and I have yet to see you live. Coming to Toronto any time soon? . . . I just missed you in Hamilton. I was kicking myself.
I did manage to catch David Bazan in Buffalo. Do you two ever play together any more?
All the best.

David said...

And sadly i will have to wait until 2009 to see you live again.

It will be worth the wait.

P.S. -- Caught In The Trees is absolutely phenominal. You somehow manage to top yourself every album. But this one had so much passion! Thanks for pouring everything into it.

Jessie said...

I just found your blog now.

Thank you for playing
in the almost-rain
by the lake in Madison, WI.

We enjoyed your show.

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