Thursday, May 29, 2008

chicago, illinois - a boy named named calvin

It looks like your show in Chicago has been changed to The Abbey Pub. I called and they couldn't confirm it yet but we are hopeful and excited. My 8 year old son and I are hug fans and can't wait to see your show! This trip is a reward for a great year at school.

Our fingers are crossed.

Columbus Ohio

dear shane,
from what i know, the show is at the abbey pub. glad to hear that you and your son are making the trip! it means so much to know that you want to come that far just to see the show. i would have loved to play in ohio, but sadly, we aren't playing there this tour. i'd love to meet you and your son after the show. do the two of you have any song requests?

all the best,

Hi Damien,

I just showed Calvin, my son, your message and he is jumping up and down like crazy. You're his favorite musician by far. Your offer is very generous – it would be great to meet you after your show. Calvin will be wearing his Ohio State hat with the block O if he can find it. Calvin’s favorite song is Ohio. He’s an aspiring musician/dancer and wants to learn to play the guitar and/or violin. It’s hard for me to pick a song, there’re all great. I lived in Seattle for seven years and spent some time around White Center and can identify with that song – if that’s what your song is referring to. That would be a good one. Thanks again and we’ll see you in Chicago.

Bet Wishes


note: calvin and his dad drove 6 hours just to see the show! afterwards i signed four of my cds for him (which he brought with him to the show). we talked about music, calvin and hobbes, shoes that roll, seattle, and my 8 year old son miles (who is a month younger than calvin).


stephy said...

Darling. That's how Judah is with Supergrass. They accomodate him too and it means so much to him! Calvin will always remember that.

Stewart said...

That picture is exactly why you're such an amazing artist - incredible music, and time for even your youngest fans.

James said...

Very very cool. I already said on myspace, but we drove from Ohio as well for that show. We shoulda' carpooled!

It's great to see parents using cultural events like concerts as rewards. It's an idea my wife and I will have to use.

The music selection was great, and Jeremy's show was fantastic as well. Super Kudos!

P.S. Come to Ohio!

Andy said...

this makes me like you even more.

also... if you come to Ohio please make it Cleveland. it would be nice.

BrilloBox said...

Great photo. Wish I could say I was as hip as Calvin back in my day, but I probably was listening to my sister's Ace of Base cassette.

jaredrutledge said...

good to know that somewhere in the world, a kid is growing up with good taste in music. keep it coming, damien, it's great stuff

Alexandre said...

You're very generous and your music is beautiful!

Greetings from Switzerland!