Saturday, November 29, 2008

caught in the branches

now that we are back, i am spending a lot of time with sarah and miles, getting back into the swing of things.. being a father and a husband. it's been a while. the new songs that are just sitting in the waiting room will have to wait longer. and though, i can hear them protesting for a voice, i am doing my best to ignore them, like a bad host. a lot has happened at home since i was last here. friends lost and new friendships made or rekindled. the changing of seasons and days now shorter. i don't want to waste any time, living and loving every waking moment. no new years resolutions, just seeing what needs to be changed or mended and doing it.

in closing, i want to say THANK YOU to everyone who came out to our shows, it really meant the world to us!

more later, as always - damien


Hampus said...

Take care Damien, Jenna and Eric! Thanks for the show in Gothenburg! Stay healthy and see you again in the future!

stephy said...

I like the picture of being a bad host to your songs that want to get written down...that's what it feels like doesn't it. Glad you're back!

Ph. said...

Was in Paris and Santander. Nevermind still love your music and universe. Cheers and see you 'all' soon. Feliz Navidad from Bilbao/Spain.

joshua* said...

because they can't get up?

if you ever make the southeast again, tallahassee would love another show!