Monday, October 13, 2008


now that i'm home, i am still keeping busy. spending all of my time with sarah and miles, before we head out again for a month long tour of europe. the down time can be challenging if once you're used to always going from one city to the next. i noticed it's like this while on tour too. the days you don't play.. and just drives for hours on end. this time it seems, the challenge of keeping busy in the down time between tours, isn't quite so tough. having an eight year old son, who loves to talk and talk.. and show you neat little things makes this easy. it seems that every day there is always something new to discover and to talk about. places to go and things to do. if there an instore to do, like the one we just did here in seattle over the weekend, he comes along. being not just someone who is forced against his will to come along and listen to his dad's lame music, but becoming part of the show. i can only imagine the fun he would have in europe. ..then again, there is also the long rides in vans and airlplanes.

photo by sarah joann murphy -